Grounds for Sculpture Rebranding
Rebranding Assignment for Moravian College Portfolio Seminar Class, 2012

Grounds for Sculpture is a sculpture park in Hamilton, NJ dedicated to the arts and its beautiful landscaping. Viewers are encouraged to wander the park and create their own path. Because of this, the rebranded “gs” logo uses the font Trebuchet and connects the letterforms to create a pathway-like, organic form. Viewers also experience a sense of mystery and discovery when roaming the park. To reflect this, there are different silhouetted logos of sculptures, with the sculpture’s texture behind it. This gives a sense of the sculpture, but maintains mystery. Each sculpture and artist could be featured in a different logo of the day to give everyone recognition. There are also logos focused solely on the environment. Because most of the art is outside, the sculptures change with the seasons based on what is happening around them; similarly, the new “gs” logo in this rebranding can be placed on various backgrounds and change with its surroundings. The new logos can be implemented on materials including letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and even the wristbands that Grounds for Sculpture uses as tickets within the park.