Bear-e Fun Berry Juice
Beverage Branding/Packaging Assignment for Moravian College Portfolio Seminar Class, 2012

Created for a class assignment at Moravian College, Bear-e Fun berry juice is a product dedicated to family, with the goal of making the Bear-e Fun family of Miss Panda, Miss Sun, and Polar, Jr. part of your family. The “e” in Bear-e Fun represents the company slogan: educational, environmental, and enjoyable. These drinks will educate kids about endangered bear species; 75% of bear species are endangered. To help change this and benefit the environment, half of the profits go to the World Wildlife Fund. The juice boxes are enjoyable with their various games: word searches, tic-tac-toe boards, and mazes.

Each multi-pack package and juice box was carefully crafted by hand, after being initially designed in Adobe Illustrator. While this was for an assignment, if someone seeing this is interested in producing Bear-e Fun, please contact me.