Book Design "Lost in the Light" for Artist Angela Fraleigh, 2015

I designed this book to correspond with the exhibition "Angela Fraleigh: Lost in the Light" at the Vanderbilt Manson in Hyde Park, NY, on view from October 9, 2015 through May 25, 2016. Text by Jen Werner. Images by Angela Fraleigh.

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Promotional Brochure for Artist Angela Fraleigh, 2014

The clean design emphasizes artist Angela Fraleigh's monumental paintings.
Promotional Brochure/Poster for Artist Angela Fraleigh, 2014

This brochure/poster was designed on the occasion of the exhibition Anglea Fraleigh "Ghosts in the Sunlight," Inman Gallery Houston, TX October 25, 2014-January 4, 2015. Text by Josh Bernstein.
Promotional Brochure for Artist Lauren Gohara, 2016

This brochure is a custom printed sqare dimension to complement Lauren Gohara's works. It specifically features her works addressing income and wealth inequality.
Business Cards for Artist Lauren Gohara, 2016

Lauren's business cards continue the square formatting that was utilized for her brochure. Note: Text was removed from the back of the business card for privacy. The actual card has more text on the side with her name.
Promotional Brochure/Poster for Artist Amir R Hariri, 2015

This brochure/poster was designed to feature multiple printmaking works by artist Amir R Hariri.
Postcards for yuken teruya studio, 2013

I designed these clean postcards for Yuken to give out during EFA Open Studios 2013 and elsewhere. The long, rectangular images on Yuken's website inspired the shape of these postcards, and I used the yuken teruya studio logo from his website.