Senior Thesis Group Exhibition. Payne Gallery. Moravian College.

Untitled. 2013. oil on canvas with 46 paintings in oil on lightweight drawing paper (tracing paper), thread, and wire. individual dimensions variable. hanging approx: 126 x 36 x 31 in. canvases approx: 48 x 24 in. and 16 x 12 in.

Details of individual paintings. 2013. oil on lightweight drawing paper (tracing paper). individual dimensions variable.

Photography by Johnny Haik, Ted Colegrove, and Kelly Weaver.

Artist Statement: The work in Payne Gallery considers the impermanence of expected everyday life. Shells painted on tracing paper evolve in and out of the paintings, continuing along the wall and spiraling towards and from the ceiling. Ruminations upon minute details within the paintings that are often overlooked in nature reflect transient events in life. Painted on tracing paper, the shells develop ripples, fade with time, and are subject to tears. They are wispy and preserved, suspended in time within the installation, yet in a temporary and delicate state. Breaking multiple times during construction, the shells can become tangled and caught, and will fall apart with too much tension on either end of the thread. This mimics the fragility of life, which alters drastically with loss or other unpredicted events. As a unit, the shells maintain power and create a majestic force through the space.