A Tribute to Mr. Imagination
Moravian College HUB H. Paty Eiffe Gallery, Bethlehem, PA, 2013
Curated, researched, and designed in collaboration with Johnny Haik and Abbey Rosko
Advising by Jan Ciganick and Norman Girardot
Special Thanks to Norman Girardot, Diane LaBelle, Reetha Dubinkin, Home & Planet, the Banana Factory, and Krista Steinke

This exhibition was created to honor artist Mr. Imagination, a former Bethlehem resident, who passed away in 2012. He created many works in the area surrounding Moravian College, including the bus shelter at the Banana Factory and the modified bathroom at Home & Planet. My collaborators (Johnny Haik and Abbey Rosko) and I were fortunate to be able to experience many of his works in person and photograph them for the exhibit. Additionally, we were able to speak with people who knew Mr. Imagination and who said the kindest words of his character. He benefited the community, especially through his work with children. He is most renowned for his use of bottle caps in his work. Mr. Imagination saw everything to have value and recycled in his artwork, which continued the Moravian In Focus Sustainability theme for the year. For the exhibit, to reference his medium of choice, we created bottle cap shaped posters of details of his artwork. Accompanying this were large posters describing themes within his work, as well as original works and notes by Mr. Imagination donated by Norman Girardot, Diane LaBelle, and Reetha Dubinkin.

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