Winona LaDuke Sustainability Exhibition and Art Auction for Honor the Earth
Moravian College HUB H. Paty Eiffe Gallery, Bethlehem, PA, 2012
Researched, designed signage, and organized the auction
Advising by Jan Ciganick, Dr. Diane Husic, Dr. Don St. John, and Deborah L. Evans
Thanks to the Moravian College Art Club for installing the exhibition

As part of the 2012-2013 Sustainability In Focus for Moravian College, Winona LaDuke spoke as the keynote speaker. This exhibition was created to welcome her, and introduce the campus to Ms. LaDuke, her culture, and her organization: Honor the Earth. Honor the Earth does great work for the environment and Native groups, with projects including building a wind turbine and providing opportunities for Native youth.

Moravian students, faculty, and alumni donated work to the silent art auction for Honor the Earth, displayed in the student union building alongside informational posters and sustainability banners. The banners promoted environmentally conscious thinking and reflected LaDuke's culture with thought-provoking quotes by Winona LaDuke, Wangari Maathai, and others. The art auction successfully raised $1,080 for Honor the Earth.

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